How To Use The Function Keys On Surface Pro

You can duplicate the Function keys -- such as F1 for help and F3 for search -- by pressing the Fn key plus the buttons along the top row starting with the four media keys and stretching to the […]

How To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching And Swelling

Substances that have cooling effects are effective in immediately and temporarily alleviating the itch caused by mosquito bites. Essential oils such as menthol, tea tree, thymol, nutmeg, eucalyptus, and camphor all have cooling properties. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce itching, swelling, and pain. […]

How To Start A Business In Property Management

Property Management Real Estate Business ’ Property Management category is home to Residential Property Manager , REB’s sister publication. Residential Property Manager specifically aims to address the challenges faced by the real estate industry by focusing on relevant issues concerning real estate property managers as well as highlighting various opportunities for property managers. […]

How To Use Alts On Minecraft Wiki

Using this method, you can effectively quintuple the amount of alignment you get per NPC slain. Note that for every enemy that an NPC asks you to kill, you will get one alignment point and silver coin. For example if an Uruk wants you to kill 24 Rohirrim, he will give you 24 Isengard alignment and 24 silver coins as a reward. Minecraft Tutorials E01 "How to Survive Lord of the Rings Mod" Here […]

How To Use C++ With No Header Files

C++ files should end in .cc and header files should end in .h. Files that rely on being textually included at specific points should end in .inc (see also the section on self-contained headers ). Do not use filenames that already exist in /usr/include , such as db.h . […]

How To Search For Recent Publications

Explore research from the parliamentary libraries and find out how to access the archives. View and search Commons and Lords Hansard The Official Report (Hansard) is the edited report of proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords […]

How To Use 240v Appliance Car Battery

Working with car batteries can be dangerous and can result in serious injury, and improper use of a power inverter can lead to electrocution or battery failure, so for your own safety be sure to read and follow any and all safety precautions that are listed in your power inverter owner’s manual. […]

How To Take Apart A Tos Phaser From Rubies Costumes

"Rubies Costume Co." "Star Trek: Beyond Phaser Rubies Star Trek Roleplay" See more. Adult Silver Screen Sinsation Costume - . Movie Costumes Cool Costumes Sexy Halloween Costumes Halloween Halloween Costume Ideas Jessica Rabbit Costume Sexy Costumes For Women Spirit Halloween Chula. Silver Screen Sinsation Adult Womens Costume - Cameras will be watching … […]

How To See Tables With Mariadb

MariaDB keeps the old data in the same table by default. However, partitioning capabilities have been enhanced so you can physically separate the current data from the old one . When you select from a system-versioned table you’ll just get the current data. […]

How To Stop Self Harm Scarring

Let me begin by saying I cut myself and stopped cutting over 10 years ago. My scars are hypopigmented or white, mostly flat but a few raised, I tried Mederma & silicone patches to no avail. […]

How To Use Waterwheel Sharpener

The sharpening of an axe is done in several steps, depending on how worn down the axe head is. 1. Major nicks and damage can be filed down with an emery wheel, but do … […]

How To Use A Buffer On A Truck

Tips. Always keep the buffer moving and use moderate, even pressure. You may decide to practice on an old car panel first to get the "feel" of the buffer. […]

How To Work Efectively In Groups Powerpoint

The hare decided to work harder and put in more effort after his failure. The tortoise changed his strategy because he was already working as hard as he could. In life, when faced with failure, sometimes it is appropriate to work harder and put in more effort. Sometimes it is appropriate to change strategy and try something different. And sometimes it is appropriate to do both. The hare and […]

How To Use The Sum Function In Python

The Python fsum function is one of the Python Math Function which is used to calculate and return the sum of iterates (Tuples and Lists). In this article we will show you, How to use fsum() function in Python Programming language with example. […]

How To Solve Root 66

Solving x 2-5x-66 = 0 directly Earlier we factored this polynomial by splitting the middle term. let us now solve the equation by Completing The Square and by using … […]

How To Set Your Water Pressure Switch

Adjust a Square D well pressure switch by turning it clockwise to raise the pressure and counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure. Prior to adjusting the switch, follow safety precautions and look for any faults in the switch components. Adjusting the Square D well pressure switch increases the water pressure through the entire house. […]

How To See Whos Is On Your Internet

24/09/2006 · Best Answer: login to the configuration page of your router and check the logs and clients list. the address of the configuration page will be specified in the router's manual. depending on the type of internet connection you have, it could just be that your … […]

How To Use Avery Labels In Word

That should cover most standard labels, since even non-Avery brand labels typically use the same sizes, so you can use these same tools to print on them as well. If you hit any snags in making labels, or have other tips to share, we'd love to hear them in the comments below! […]

Witcher3 How To Sell Items At Full Price

To list an item, it’s $.20, and if your item sells, Etsy takes 3.5% of the sale price and 3% plus $.25 for payment processing. But, given the site retains 54 million members and 22.6 million shoppers, it has become a great place for artists and designers to sell and market their unique creations online. Check out the site’s vintage section […]

How To Train A Dog To Fetch A Tennis Ball

In the case of fetch, that means you are first going to teach your dog to drop the ball into your hand. A caveat: if your dog is not a toy dog you will first have to teach them to PICK UP the ball. […]

How To See All Your Statuses On Facebook

NOTE: These settings apply to your Facebook account across all your devices. So, once you select friends to see first on one device, you’ll see the same friends selected on your other devices. Tap the back arrow in the upper-left corner of the “Preferences” screen. To return to your news feed, tap the news feed icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. You should now see posts from […]

How To Become A Self Employed Travel Agent

As a home-based travel agent or agency, you retain your own identity with your customers and are considered a self-employed independent contractor for tax purposes. Secure Client List Because you are an independent contractor, your client list is your property and will not be used or sold. […]

How To Use Acetone To Remove Carpet Glue From Floor

A 7-Step Guide to Remove Dried Adhesive/Glue From Bamboo Flooring By Jared S. on May 27, 2017 ( 6 ) Bamboo flooring continues to increase in popularity due to its affordable price and elegant finish. […]

How To Use An Anti Static Mat

Let's say I connect myself to the mat using an anti static wrist strap, how is it supposed to help me discharge my static charge when there is no closed loop between me, the mat, and the ground? As Wouter says, your body can behave like a capacitor, storing electric charge. […]

Homedics Facial Sauna How To Use

One facial sauna. Two deep cleansers. This is skincare that will have you ready for summer. I had some exciting news to tell my wife. Harvey Norman had just given me three HoMedics beauty products; the Blossom Silicone Facial Brush, the Blossom Silicone Body Cleanser and the Rejuvenation Facial Sauna. […]

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Netflix Release Date

Netflix is an entertainment network based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. In May 2014, the channel announced that they would be airing a new series, Dragons: Race to the Edge. They have now all been broadcasted. Release date: June 26, 2015 […]

How To Start Over In Gta 5 Pc

GTA 5 for PC not launching with Steam – laptops Some users are reporting issues with the game not launching in either singleplayer or online through Steam when playing on a laptop. […]

How To Use Tradh Dove

Put your trash can composter in a convenient place. If possible, raise it up on a couple of bricks to get even more air circulation to the contents of the trash can composter. If possible, raise it up on a couple of bricks to get even more air circulation to the contents of the trash can composter. […]

How To Use Mixed In Key With Rekordbox

[MacOS only] Let Mixed in Key not only set the Camelot keys, but the cues in Rekordbox as well. Mixed in key can only write it's cues to either Native Instrument's Traktor Pro or Serato. Mixed in key can only write it's cues to either Native Instrument's Traktor Pro or Serato. […]

How To Use Trimmer For Shaving

When using trimmers or scissors to trim pubic hair, Use blade guards to prevent you from trimming your pubic hair too close to your skin. Trim your pubic hair in a downward motion with the grain. With Scissors… Comb thru your pubic hair, leave the comb laying flat against your skin and then snip off the remaining hair above the comb. 3. Start Shaving Your Pubic Area Tap Click to Shave Pubic […]

How To Use Lafolie Hair Serum

7/12/2015 Does Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum WORK? Is is worth buying? Did I like using it? Would I buy it again? Watch the video to find out! Is is worth buying? Did I like using it? […]

How To Tell If There Is Asbestos In Drywall

If you Google, Asbestos labs, there are quite a few of them that specifically tell you what to do and how to send your samples in. This will run you about $40 for the first sample and $25 for the next few. It is recommended that you test more than one spot. […]

How To Tell Starter Motor Doesnt Work

24/09/2008 · Try thunking the starter lightly with a hammer while assistant try’s to crank engine if test light shows crank signal present at starter = bad starter. No Click No Crank – check for crank signal at starter using a test light while assistant holds key in crank position. […]

How To Be Social At Work

Though, recently I question myself and my social life at work, again relating back to the idea that I havent really made any true friends at my so called work place that I would like to stay in touch with when I leave, and my colleagues tend to ignore me (no eye contact/greeting) despite obviously walking pass them, which makes me feel so insignificant! […]

How To Watch Youtube On Nintendo 3ds

Buy a Nintendo 3DS from JB Hi-Fi and enjoy handheld gameplay at a low price. Enter a world of amazing games and features. Save online or instore today. Enter a world of amazing games and features. Save online or instore today. […]

How To Apply For A Visa For Travel To Hawaii

The Chinese Consulate General does not accept visa applications sent in by mail. The applicants are required to be present in the Passport & Visa Office for visa application, or they may entrust a relative, friend, or travel/visa agent to come to submit the application. […]

How To Write A Successful Grant Or Fellowship Application

Remember, reviewers and grant panel members are busy people, with their own grants and papers to write, so they will not be impressed with a sloppily prepared grant application, that ignores the length requirements, and is an impenetrable maze. […]

How To Work Out Your Training Zones

For our training plans, different parts of the rides are described using numbered training zones. The plan is to work at that level of effort for the time given. Making the most of your time means […]

How To Tell If Its A Prostitution Sting

Police in Maryland are taking heat from sex workers and their advocates after announcing plans to live-tweet an upcoming prostitution sting in Prince George County -- complete with photographic […]

How To Use Autoline Software

AutoLINE provides advanced linetype functionality to Autodsys AcceliCAD and AutoCAD software from Autodesk. This includes not only advanced management of linetypes with an interface for modifying them but also the ability to draw parallel lines with variable width, put a block or negative dash first in the linetype definition, and to control the width of a line or what text is placed in the […]

How To Use A Water Level To Level A House

To measure gas levels, pour hot (not boiling) water down the cylinder while your gas appliances are in use. Then run your hand down the cylinder. It will feel cool to the touch at the level of the gas. […]

How To Use Crosslink Tax Software

Download your free CTS trial version today! The professional tax software demo is fully functional except for E-filing. It comes with test tax returns to help display … […]

How To Use Bluetooth Headphones With Ps4

23/09/2014 USB bluetooth dongle on a PS4? Discussion in 'Console Gaming & Acc.' started by Occidio, Sep 17, 2014. Sep 17 Joined: Dec 17, 2005. I am trying to get a bluetooth headset to work on the PS4. I know Sony decided to encrypt the bluetooth this time around and normal unlicensed things will not work. I had some guy at work tell me that I could get a dongle and plug it into the PS4 and get […]

How To Write On The Front Of An Envelope

15/09/2006 Sender address goes in the middle of front of envelope Your address is written in the upper left cornder of the front (or on the back)...use small print. Stamp goes in the upper right corner of the front […]

How To Turn Off Profanity Filter Twitch

I spend a lot of time in some of the PWNSTARZdotCOM clan's members' streams on Twitch and day one of BO3 was kinda funny: they all tried to use their "PWN" clan tag and got told off for profanity their PWN tag is still there on AW […]

How To Use Brown Sugar Bear

To use the sugar bear, the customer simply soaks it in warm water for 20 minutes, then places it in the brown sugar. It will keep the brown sugar moist for approximately three to … […]

How To Use Burdock Oil For Hair

GREEN PHARMACY HERBAL BURDOCK OIL HAIR CARE WITH HORSETAIL hair growth 100ml Natural oil of burdock nourishes, strengthens the structure of keratin, bulbs and anchoring of the hair in the scalp. It stimulates hair growth. It works dandruff. Horsetail extract is recognized as a natural component of hair falling out, prone to dandruff. The hair becomes thicker, strong and shiny. How to use… […]

How To Train A Comfort Dog

Once you know your dog is comfortable with the sound of fireworks from inside the home, you can then slowly train them using sound therapy to accept the noises even when you arent around. To do this, first get them comfortable with the firework noises with you at home. […]

How To See Subscribers On Youtube Iphone

Otros trabajos relacionados con how to see your subscribers on youtube android app how to make your logo on youtube , how to see iphone emoji on android , how to see your reviews on freelancer , how to put your face […]

How To Use Smb In Linux

Samba is a service in Linux that provides seamless file and print service to SMB/CIFS clients. One of the main features of Samba is that it allows interoperability between Linux… […]

How To Use A Dead Man Switch Code

Advanced, using Virtual Pins and simple code; In this article we will describe both cases. Let's try turning on/off LED connected to Digital Pin D3 of your hardware. […]

How To Walk From Hornsby Train Station To Hornsby Rsl

From the western side of Hornsby Railway Station [1], this walk first crosses the bus lane, then follows the large 'To the Great North Walk' sign [2] across the Station St pedestrian crossing [3], and then across the Pacific Highway at the traffic lights [4]. […]

How To Use Digital Thermometer On Forehead

Forehead thermometers are placed on the temporal artery of the forehead and will read the infrared heat that comes off of the head. Plastic “fever” strip thermometers If you are looking for an exact temperature this is NOT what you should use. […]

How To Use Camouflage Concealer Palette

Yasmin Ferguson, National Make-Up Artist for Laura Mercier, recommends using the brand's Secret Camouflage Brush for a longer lasting finish. 'Mix the two shades on the back of your hand until you find the shade that matches your skin tone. […]

How To Tell If Your Piercing Is Infected

Signs of Tongue Piercing Infection: The tongue should be fully healed within 6-8 weeks after the piercing has been done. In most cases, it is quite normal to experience some swelling and irritation during the first 2 weeks, but if these signs dont disappear and other symptoms show up, it will be necessary to immediately consult your doctor and receive adequate medical treatments and […]

How To Guide Rdp From Home To Work

The aim of this guide is to help you setup RDP on versions where Windows limits them. and execute the instructions in the file. Once done, follow the steps above to Enable RDP. If this method doesn’t work, then try Method 2. Method 2: Concurrent RDP Patcher. Download the Concurrent RDP Patcher from here. Extract the downloaded file, and execute Concurrent RDP Patcher file. Click the […]

How To Wear Off The Shoulder On The Shoulder

Mention the phrase “business casual” at and you’ll likely be met with a dozen eye-rolls. One perk of the job is being free to wear (mostly) whatever we want—instead of “office […]

How To Watch On Bbc Iplayer Outside Of Uk

This basically means you cannot stream, download or watch popular BBC Television programmes using the BBC iPlayer if you live in the USA, Australia, Ireland (and other countries outside the UK) - UNLESS you use a Proxy Server. How To Use a Proxy Server To Watch BBC iPlayer If You Live Outside The UK. A Proxy server will basically change, hide or mask the IP address of the device you are using […]

How To Write A Position Statement In Nursing

Does this positioning statement match your brand’s essence? If you’re looking for more help defining your brand’s position in the marketplace, you should do a full brand audit . Simply click the button below and we’ll send you our FREE DIY Brand Audit to help your company take the next step towards dominating your market. […]

How To Tell If Laptop Soundcard Is Broken

What I want to show you is how to tell if your glass cover is broken, your LCD or both. Tip Question Comment. Step 1: MacBook Broken Screen - Step 1 - Broken Glass. The most common type of screen breakage on a unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro is glass damage. The glass cover that is on top of the LCD screen usually takes the brunt of the damage and cracks with impact. The glass cover is actually […]

How To See Stored Wifi Passwords On Mac

1/05/2016 · CODE ---- security find-generic-password -ga "WIFI NAME" grep "password:" SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENTS. GET JOINED FOR MORE VIDEOS. SUBSCRIBE:- … […]

How To Set Up Cox Email On Iphone 7

iPhone - Cox mail setup Set up iPhone Cox. On this page you'll find the Cox mail settings for iPhone and iPad. Besides an overview with the imap and pop3 server mailsettings for Cox, we offer you a comprehensive guide for setting up your Cox email on your iPhone or iPad. […]

How To Stop My Puppy From Crying At Night

2/07/2009 I would reccomend not cuddleing her, leave her alone and she should stop crying. Its just like a child, if a child cried when u were putting it to bed and u […]

How To Write Honours Degree In Resume

Sample Resume – Postgraduate Honours Project: Emergence of ‘The Greens’ as a political entity in Melbourne metropolitan councils Student exchange to University of Munster 2011 Demonstrated Competencies Research and critical thinking Highly developed research and analytical skills with a strong capacity to conduct independent research Proven ability to conceptualise problems and […]

How To Stop Feeling Tired When Pregnant

Pregnancy Symptoms You May Feel During Week 9 While there are plenty of things probably making you plenty aware that you are pregnant, and uncomfortable, the front runners for complaints include bloating making clothes tight and heartburn becomes problematic, too. […]

How To Set Up Traps In Your House

Ambushes aren’t hard to set up, and all they really require is a little communication between you and your squadmates. While you can set up ambushes in solo mode, the best way to set up an ambush is going to be with at least one other player in DUOS or SQUADs. […]

How To Sell Twitter Shoutouts

9/12/2013 You can make money by selling shoutouts. Many people on Instagram want shoutouts. They will offer you cash and sometimes iTunes cards for you to shoutout their account on your Instagram for 12 hours to a day or so. Make sure to delete it after a day. Most shoutouts range from $5-$50 depending on how many followers and how active your Instagram account is. Businesses also purchase shoutouts […]

How To Use Log Bait Decks

Not my deck, but won Nitrome95 the 1k man Clash Royale Arena#1 Tournament. Strategy General Gameplan Simply put, this is a spell bait deck, meaning that you bait out your opponents spells and punish them for doing so with a Goblin barrel, Goblin Gang, or Skeleton Army with a tank. Your tank is... […]

How To Write A Lab Report Simply Psychology

A lab report is a document that tells the reader everything that they need to know about a particular piece of research. Psychology students must learn to understand and to produce lab reports. […]

How To Set Up Ubuntu Smtp Server

How To Install and Configure Postfix as a Send-Only SMTP Server on Ubuntu 14.04 Introduction Postfix is an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), an application used to send and receive email. […]

How To Use Instantly Ageless By Jeunesse

Jeunesse Instantly ageless reduces (within 2 minutes) the appearance of under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and pores, and lasts 6 to 9 hours.This specifically designed micro cream targets areas that have lost elasticity revealing visibly toned, lifted skin. […]

How To Jump Start With Projecta

If you are looking for Battery Chargers, Solar Panels & Controllers, Inverters, Power Management, Jump Starters, Booster Cables, Battery Terminals or Battery Maintenance than Projecta is […]

How To Write A Complaint Letter For Domestic Violence

This is a text only version of a Sample Application for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order. It is not legal advice. It is not legal advice. To see what a completed Applica tion for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order could look like, see the pdf version of Sample Application Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (36 kb). […]

How To Use Screen Command

To use Command Prompt, you enter a valid Command Prompt command along with any optional parameters. Command Prompt then executes the command as entered and performs the task or function it's designed to perform in Windows. […]

How To Stop The Hunger Hormone With Food

Theres a crybaby in your gut. Its called ghrelin, otherwise known as the Im hungry hormone. When your stomach is empty or thinks it is it secretes ghrelin, which causes hunger by sending signals to the brain, urging it on to a search-and-destroy mission aimed at any nearby bags of Doritos. […]

How To Use Show Dont Tell In A Short Story

The better you get at refining show, don't tell, the better your writing. Use these tips to gut-check your progress in clearing clutter from your story. Use these tips to gut-check your progress in clearing clutter from your story. […]

How To Take Birth Control Pills Perfectly

I have been taking my birth control pills (Cyred) regularly for about 4 years. No missed pills, not late pills, I take them at the same time every single day. I was prescribed Ciproflaxacin for a UTI 3 days ago. I started taking the antibiotic the evening I was prescribed it, and had sex without a […]

How To Use Mobile Balance For Shopping

China Mobile Hong Kong deploys three advanced 4.5G technologies to achieve a breakthrough in peak throughput of 800+ Mbps^, allowing customers to enjoy exceptional mobile network experience. ^800+Mbps peak throughput is the network specification of China Mobile Hong Kong 4.5G network, which is only applicable to designated mobile device model and network coverage. […]

How To Use Worldedit To Make Random Fire Spread

env_fire is a point entity available in all Source games. It handles a single flame at its origin. The flame causes heat "damage" to other env_fire entities around it, and will eventually ignite them, causing the fire to spread. […]

How To Use Split Function Ableton

Impulse is one of my favorite, go-to instruments in Ableton Live due to its ease of use and, mostly, because its a bit of an underdog. In this article Id like to help breathe some new life into the simple drum machine by using Lives flexible audio and MIDI routing system. […]

How To Tell If A Moment Is Positive Or Negative

I know my crusty D4-10 with the Tecumseh and the T63 with the Wisconsin S7D is a positive somewhere after these early models it changed..... Just wish I could figure out (with out any thing burning up) how to distinguish positive ground from negative ground models.... […]

How To Solve It Polya

7/12/2009 · Mathematics Education - Problem Solving with Hungarian Mathematician George Polya. […]

How To Show Proof Of Income With Direct Deposit

You can show proof of income with one of the following documents: • A copy of your Annual Investment Statement. • Your most recent bank statement showing the investment income credits over the previous 3 […]

How To Tell If You Re In Love With Someone

So, if you've been in a scary situation with someone or made a connection with them when you were feeling nervous about something, you're more likely to find yourself falling in love with them after this. […]

How To Take Vat Off On Excel

By default, Excel recalculates all the formulas in your worksheet automatically when you open your worksheet or change any entries, formulas, or names on which your formulas depend. If you worksheet is large, with many formulas, this can take several seconds or minutes. […]

How To Work A Fulltime And Part Time Job

(1) Employed persons are classified as full- or part-time workers based on their usual weekly hours at all jobs regardless of the number of hours they are at work during the reference week. Persons absent from work also are classified according to their usual status. Full time is 35 hours or more per week; part time is less than 35 hours. […]

How To Stop Annoying Dog Barking

There's no doubt about it, dog barking sounds can be extremely annoying. The problem is that just about every dog barks sometimes. However, if you're a dog owner who has to deal with your dog's annoying barking on a daily basis, help is here! […]

How To Start Mlm Business

If you choose to start a MLM business of your own, you will find yourself in good company. Today, multilevel marketing is big business. There are large multinational corporations doing business as MLMs such as Amway and Mary Kay. […]

How To Use Crazy Colour

Unicorn Hair color is a gentle, deposit-only dye that is not capable of damaging the hair. Our ultra-conditioning formula is made with only the purest vegan ingredients and no ammonia, PPD, peroxide or bleach. Incorrectly used bleach, however, can damage your hair, which is why we recommend that you seek a professional for help with pre-lightening hair. […]

How To Reply To Thank You Dramatically

Is it necessary to reply to a solution email by a thank-you email? Ask Question 5. 1. If I asked via email someone, say a member of the graduate admission staff of a school I am applying to, some question, and if the staff member replied to my email with a solution to my problem, does the staff member expect to receive a thank-you email from me? At the present stage I still am not good at […]

How To Watch Comedy Central In Australia

Australia's leading TV blog is the 'go to' site for industry and public alike, full of news, ratings, reviews & more. Airdate: Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis – TV Tonight Australia… […]

How To Use Macros In Ms Office 2007

4/02/2011 · Hi , I am using Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 . There was a exclamation mark in macro of developer tab, so that I cannot record macro. I saved my powerpoint 2007 as … […]

How To Tell If Samsung Battery Is Genuine

Follow these guide when buying original battery for your Samsung mobile phone 1. the packing box of an original battery is nice and good quality it can better protect the battery by its packaging . […]

How To Use A Power Saw

The first is the Jigsaw the smallest of the power saws which is great for working with light materials such as MDF or cutting through thin pieces of wood. […]

How To Make Good Sit Ups

Focusing on Sit-ups Alone Will Not Remove Belly Fat While sit-ups are a good exercise, it just is not enough to take off the unwanted belly fat. Focusing on just this part of your body will not enable you to burn enough calories at a time to lose the excess weight. […]

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